EdgePoint Capital Company

EdgePoint Capital is a leading M&A advisory firm focused on serving privately-held entrepreneurial companies. Since its founding in 2000, EdgePoint has provided exceptional sell-side, buy-side and capital structuring advisory services. The professionals at EdgePoint possess a unique blend of transactional experience along with the majority of the team having individual ownership experiences. EdgePoint is a registered broker dealer with FINRA and the SEC.

Whether your company is contemplating selling your business to your employees, a strategic acquirer, or a private equity firm, EdgePoint is well positioned to provided results-based advisory services to assist you in your transition. EdgePoint offers complimentary consultations or valuation assistance to business owners to better guide them on their path to ownership transition. In addition, EdgePoint provides expert advice to owners of accessing capital and in sourcing and structuring acquisitions. To learn more about EdgePoint, please visit our website by clicking on the above ad. 


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