McDonald Hopkins

We are a business advisory and advocacy law firm with lawyers in six strategic locations -- Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Miami and West Palm Beach.   Among these lawyers is an impressive team of attorneys who understand the unique legal issues in the energy industry. We provide a wide range of services for public utilities, renewable energy companies and  energy exploration  companies. Our Energy Practice has a multi-disciplinary approach to counseling our clients that, in addition to utility related litigation, includes the areas of government affairs, real estate  (easements, eminent domain, land use, lease, regulatory) environmental, capital markets, and more. We  regularly  provide in-house training to our gas and electric utility company clients, including presentations on  recent legal and regulatory developments, as well as issues on electronically stored-information.

Our attorneys have significant experience  in handling matters related to the natural gas industry, including cases involving explorations, fires, third party damages and arson.  We also regularly prosecut easement and rights-of-way encroachments, including TROs, preliminary injunctions and  permanent  injunctions. For clients pursuing energy exploration, we understand and provide counsel on drilling and related issues .  We also provide business objectives and litigation counsel for renewable energy manufacturers and suppliers.

Our firm is one of the founders of AECRA, the Advanced Energy Carbon Reduction Alliance, and has experience obtaining economic incentives for advanced energy projects.  For more information, click on the above ad to go to our website.



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