Professional Travel, Inc.

In business for over forty five years, Professional Travel, Inc. has evolved into one of the largest and most successful privately owned travel management companies … and the one best qualified to serve as your strategic partner in maximizing your business travel investments. Your own company succeeds by virtue of your leadership, vision, innovative ideas, and teamwork which set you apart from your competitors. Your goals are our first priority, empowering you to better compete in your marketplace. For most corporations, travel is the second or third largest controllable expense. Our goal is to concentrate resources on the creation of new and intelligent ways of saving our customers time, effort, and money.

We pride ourselves on knowing our clients, ensuring they know us, and making ourselves readily accessible. We regularly consult with our clients’ CEOs, managers, road warriors, travel planners, and administrative assistants to ensure consistent quality service.

Clients of Professional Travel choose and retain us because bigger isn’t better, better is better. We are committed to creating a climate in which constructive change and progress are facilitated in an atmosphere that promotes the creative and imaginative abilities of our people. Our employees pledge to perform to the highest ability of service, so you can, too.  For more information, go to our web-site by clicking on the ad above.

Patty Chichy
Professional Travel, Inc.
25000 Country Club Blvd., #170
North Olmsted, OH 44070
440-734-8800, Ext. 4030

Professional Travel


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