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ROI Commerce offers a performance driven solution for companies struggling to realize a return on investment from their e-commerce website. Typically these are the same companies which have solid core businesses with recognized brands and highly desirable products. ROI Commerce's main difference is that it fundamentally changes the fee for service e-commerce solutions industry by providing an outsourced, end-to-end, partner-centric approach to developing and operating e-commerce businesses for small and middle market companies. ROI Commerce is the natural evolution of the very best ideas and concepts currently emerging in the e-commerce solutions industry today. ROI Commerce's differentiated, integrated, and end-to-end e-commerce offering evolves around developing and operating e-commerce and online businesses.

ROI Commerce goes beyond traditional software providers and website developers by building complete and partnership-centric e-commerce business solutions through a combination of its ROI Commerce Technology, Design, Marketing Services and E-Commerce Operations which includes Fulfillment and Logistics, Customer Service, and IT Infrastructure. Our partnership-centric and results-focused approach allows our client partners to grow their e-commerce business more quickly and cost effectively while staying at the forefront of e-commerce.

Because most of our fees are aligned with the success of our client partner's e-commerce business, ROI Commerce becomes your true partner in e-commerce. To learn more about ROI Commerce, please visit our website at or click on the ad above or contact Fred Elabed at 216-990-3298 (e-mail at

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ROI Commerce


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