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Coaching Solutionsâ  

As a partner in your success, Coaching Solutions works with leaders and teams to maximize effectiveness.  We deliver coaching and training in three areas:


Communication skills: optimizing how you and your team communicates
Leadership skill development: developing personal leadership and learning delegation skills
Leadership assessment: gain 360-feedback from direct reports, peers, and managers
Teamwork principles: ways to enhance teamwork and build trust


Sales development (especially for 1-4 rep sales teams):
Sales improvement:  prospecting, follow up skills, networking, presentations, closing sales
Sales strategies: Building instant rapport, dealing with rejection, overcoming obstacles in the sales process, keys to persistence
Networking: how to find and utilize strong networking partners to gain additional business and build your circle of influence
Monthly book group: a business book group for life-long learners via audio CDs with focused agendas to help participants integrate principles from leading books into their work
Time management:
Time mastery: prioritizing effectively, delegation, managing crises versus proactive work, weekly planning, handling paperwork effectively, staying focused despite the pressures of ongoing issues
Goal setting: keys for successfully setting and reaching goals
Personal and professional organization: keeping yourself organized and working efficiently
Development of a one page strategic plan: learn how to develop an actionable plan in a few hours
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