Moving and Storage

Move It Now 

Move It Now is a professional moving and storage franchise operation.  The Move It Now business model was created on the solid foundation of a successful 100 year-old moving company. Our business base includes both Residential & Commercial customers.  We provide local, intrastate and interstate moving services, which also include packing services, packing material sales and storage. 
Move It Now is a white collar business-management franchise in the moving and storage business.  A common misconception is that when you own a moving business, you have to do the “heavy lifting”. A Move It Now franchise owner doesn’t need to be on the truck. Our business model is designed so that the franchisee is mainly responsible for executing the business and marketing plans and managing their employees.
The moving industry offers a tremendous opportunity for hard working investors who are willing to adhere to our proven methods of doing business. People will always be moving. The industry itself is not high-tech and is mostly a cash business. It is not subject to trends, gimmicks or specialized technology that may become quickly outdated and it can’t be outsourced. The moving industry is an 8 billion dollar a year industry with over 39 million Americans relocating every year.   For more information visit our web-site by clicking on the above ad or contact Don L. Six, Jr. at 866-466-8348 or e-mail at


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