NAE to Launch World-Class Research Initiative

The National Association of Entrepreneurship announced this week that it has launched the NAE Research Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NAE. The Center produces the NAE Index, an independent third-party creation, and manages comprehensive, ground-breaking research projects, programs, and initiatives.

“The Center will work with some of the nation’s finest thought leaders to produce exclusive and wide-ranging content,” says Robert Sturm, NAE Board Member and Professional Travel CEO. “In today’s ever-changing business climate, corporate leaders need the best information possible. The Center is designed to produce just that.”

The Research Center enhances NAE's position as the mid-market's leading provider of timely and relevant information; it also studies important social and policy issues such as legislation, global events, and economic trends. “Providing extensive high-value research should be the hallmark of any great association,” according to Dr. Dale Paulson, NAE Board Member and Allegiance Research CEO. “NAE takes a major step toward achieving that goal with the launch of the NAE Research Center.”

The National Association of Entrepreneurship is the voice of America's Mid-Market Leaders. Our members represent the driving force of free enterprise. NAE provides essential research, critical content, and unparalleled connectivity. NEA hosts a series of events annually, including the Free Enterprise forum, CEO Briefings Circuit, and the NAE Legislative and Technology Summits. NAE strives to advance the valuable role of free enterprise in the United States.

Learn why NAE is free enterprise at or by calling 800-497-6950.

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