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The National Association of Entrepreneurship Is Free Enterprise

NAE is a Washington, D.C.-based association whose mission is to advance free enterprise. Chief among NAE’s goals is providing and expanding opportunities for America’s emerging mid-market companies to grow and succeed in a competitive global economy. As “the voice of America’s mid-market,” NAE helps promote business excellence through valuable peer connectivity, forward reaching institutional partnerships, cutting edge information, and relevant education.

Founded by experienced business leaders who recognized a void, NAE serves solid entrepreneurial organizations that have advanced beyond the start up phase. Our primary members are Chief Executive Officers who lead organizations with annual sales of $5M to $500M. The association is member-driven, with a professional staff that is dedicated to delivering meaningful services and programs to help members connect and succeed. NAE’s Board is comprised of and guided by successful mid-market business leaders.

NAE's team and member committees analyze current legislative issues, present industry’s story to the public through the media and other outlets, monitor and work toward improving free enterprise, and study and forecast economic and business trends. They also provide a wide range of services to corporate and university members.

NAE has three membership categories: Primary, University, and Associate.

Primary members represent the driving force of business in the United States. Job creation, innovation, and competitive expansion of the U.S. economy are hallmarks of our primary membership.

University members are leading business schools who, through their NAE affiliation, connect students to Primary members, and provide access to association programs and services.

NAE Associate members provide products and services to Primary and University members.

NAE's hosts ans suports dozens of meetings and conferences each year. These events are updated in real time.

NAE's affiliates include the Meridian Property Program, the authority on unique luxury hospitality. Providing the coveted "4 Peaks Meridian Selection". The NAE Legal Network, ranking the nation's best law firms on a state by state basis.  NAE Research Center, which conducts and supports multiple Index projects, and the NAE Education Institute, which creates and administers a wide range of educational and CEO training programs. NAE also partners with other premier groups and organizations to deliver topic-driven programs.

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