NAE CEO Briefings

The CEO Briefings Series is designed to help CEO's and business leaders across the country better understand cutting-edge subjects. Sessions will be presented by leading topic-area experts, and led by a NAE moderator who facilitates the valuable Q & A session that concludes each briefing. Many of our instructors are technical experts, authors, educators, and leaders in their industry.



The CEO Briefings Series sessions are FREE for NAE members and held five times per topic, each in geographically diverse locations to make “attending” easy whether you live in Boston or Los Angeles. . Each session is conducted “live,” but will be recorded and available at NAE TV in the “CEO Briefing Sessions” archive section. Additionally, each live program will feature a corresponding white paper on the briefing subject for all members. We encourage you to register for the live sessions as they present a great opportunity to ask your pressing “real-life” questions in "real time".

Each CEO Briefing session is two hours and features an introduction, a formal 45-minute presentation, and a 30-minute Q&A opportunity. To learn more about current programs please call member services. We look forward having you join us!

Current Programs:

Thank you for a great 2019.  Watch for the 2020 line up to be announced Octorber 2019.

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