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The National Association of Entrepreneurship is pleased to support film projects that shine the light on the contributions provided by the American Free Enterprise System. NAE Partners with leading organizations to help produce high quality documentary  film.  A sample of current projects are listed below.




Immigrant EntrepreneursFirst Generation Entrepreneurs

The best-kept secret of American free enterprise

In today's highly charged environment,one aspect of the immigrant story goes almost untold. Produced in cooperation with Champions of Free Enterprise, the NAE First Generation Council and NAE Research Center, the world changing contribution of American's first generation entrepreneur will be celebrated. This film will profile the significant role that first-generation entrepreneurs play and have played in free enterprise in United States.

Production Underway


Immigrant EntrepreneursChampions of Free Enterprise

Free Enterprise: The American Dream.

Entrepreneurship has been the primary economic driver of the United States since its founding. This full cinematic feature is produced by the Champions of Free Enterpise Institute and supported by the National Association of Entrepreneurship. The film profiles the humanity changing story of free enterprise in the United States.

Production is Underway


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