NAE T.V Partnering to Create Content

The National Association of Entrepreneurship's NAE TV group supports television programming designed to promote and showcase free enterprise. NAE provides content and member access to production companies working on "High Value" productions.  

In 2023 NAE is pleased to continue to provide partnership level involvement for multiple projects and production companies, like the Quick Takes project by Champion's of Free Enterprise.

Quick Takes are the video education series and television commercials created in a partnership with the Champions of Free Enterprise Institute to promote the free enterprise system. Each is a lesson taught using a contemporary United States business story. Quick Takes offer value for audiences of all ages, but are geared toward 6th to 12th graders - many of whom have not heard these valuable messages before. There are over 150 planned episodes in the series. Quick Takes will be aired nationally, placed on social media platforms, and distributed directly to schools.

Sample of Quick Takes profile stories:

The Product

Something produced or manufactured to be sold sold.

NIKE - Phil Knight


The activity in which you participate in order to earn.

McDONALDS - Ray Kroc


Money used to start or run a business

AMAZON - Steve Bezos


Discovering or creating something new.

APPLE - Steve Jobs


Job Creation

Creating jobs for people

WAL MART - Sam Walton


The creator or owner of a business.



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