2016 NAE Legislative Summit to Feature Moore and Congressional Leaders(Posted Dec 20, 2015)

The National Association of Entrepreneurship announced today that it's 2016 Legilative Summit will feature Stephen Moore featured Author and Economist and a host of Congressional Leaders.
The NAE Legilative Summit was started six years ago as an annual event to bring a select group of NAE CEO's together with Congressional and leading edge thought leaders to discuss the current political issues related to American Free Enterprise . 
The full day session provides all attendees a forum to discuss and review the economic and business direction of the nation.
“This is one the best absolute best events of its type,” says Ken Roth, NAE Member. “The personal exchange and insights shared at these events is extremenly valuable to all participants.”
Past NAE Legislative Summit participants have included David Bossie CEO of Citizens United, Former Secretary of Homeland Security Gov. Tom Ridge, Multiple Congressional Leaders including Hon. Dan Ross (D-AR), Hon. Jim Renacci (R-OH), Hon. Tim Murphy (R-PA) to name a few.
NAE Legislative Summit CEO attendees are selected from the association general membership.
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