NAE’s 2011 CEO Briefing Circuit Off to a Great Start (Posted August 11, 2011)

The National Association of Entrepreneurship has announced that its 2011 CEO Briefing Series schedule is set and talks have already begun.  Attendance has been good and audience participation has been exceptional.  The first three programs of the 25-program series have drawn 60 to 200 CEOs per session.
"The 2011 lineup is packed with great topics," says Robert Sturm, NAE Board Member and Professional Travel CEO.  "The robust Q & A at each presentation clearly shows the audiences engagement and desire to ask pertinent questions."
The 2011 CEO Briefing Series brings today's leading-edge topics to regional leaders around the United States.  Each topic is presented in five regional markets and presentations are scheduled for every sector of the United States.  Topics are chosen through member interaction with the NAE CEO Briefings Circuit Committee.
The first presentations were given by Poly-Carb Founder and former CEO Ratanjit Sondhe and Social Media Guru Kendra Ramirez.  Mr. Sondhe's presentation addresses the upcoming shortage of techno-immigrants, while Ms. Ramirez presented a talk on the essential social-media skills every mid-market CEO needs to have.
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