NAE’s 2016-17 Award Nominations Are Now Open (Posted December 1, 2016)

The National Association of Entrepreneurship announced to today that its 2016-17 award nominations will start December 1, 2016. NAE will accept nominations from members through January 30, 2017. Awards are presented at the NAE 250 Showcase Conference May 27,  2017 in Cleveland, OH.
“The NAE 250 awards honor and promote excellence in business,” says David Speaker, NAE 250 Committee Chair. “All NAE members are encouraged to nominate strong candidates.”
The NAE 250 committee selects  finalist companies who excel in one of five categories. These companies are selected from honorees of the NAE 250 nominated class. Winners are selected based on categories below:

  1. Innovators – Products (Building America) & Services (Taking Care of America)
  2. Socially Exceptional - Community Service
  3. Power Growth – Achieving Exceptional Growth
  4. People First – Success Through Culture
  5. Fast Under Five – New Companies Who Have Exploded into the Mid-Markets

THE NAE PRECEPTOR AWARDS include three categories:

  1. Educator of the Year – Teaching a Passion for Free Enterprise
  2. Influencer - Professional Consultants Who've Made a Difference
  3. Writing the Fight – Authors Who Champion Free Enterprise

NAE Hall of LEGENDS AWARDS: Any NAE member can nominate a person for these lifetime awards. To be nominated, a person must be recognized in their field as someone who has been at the forefront of Free Enterprise. Nominees must be exceptional entrepreneurs at the top of their field. Many nominees are nominated and awarded posthumously.
BEATING THE ODDS AWARDS: Winning finalists are selected from a national nomination pool;  The top Award Winner in the group will receive the “NAE Comeback of the Year Award.”
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