NAE Announces New Member Benefit Portal and Professional Service Organization Selections Moved to 2022 Due to COVID(Posted July 15, 2022)

The National Association of Entrepreneurship will announce professional organization selections, partnerships, upgraded programs and new offerings as part of "CEO Member Focus Month" moved to October 2022.  This high touch, month long program was moved to 2022, and is designed to help members ramp up post COVID-19 business success and engagement activity.  
NAE constantly provides the best resources available to MId-Market CEO's and their organizations. We are pleased to announce our new "Human Capital" benefit portal along with our "NAE Annual Professional Service Provider" selections.
In addition to our highly vetted general offerings, the NAE Legal Network, NAE Experience 100 and NAE PEO 20 Group provide connectivity to the nations' finest service organizations. 
NAE Legal Network:
For nearly a decade the NAE Legal Network has provided trusted recommendations for our members across the country.  Each of these highly vetted, selected and recommended firms has the depth of capabilities and competencies demanded by our members. They are the best of the best in each state.
NAE Experience 100
The NAE Experience 100 provides a comprehensive group of companies that offer the intangible from corporate wellness and team building & support to event management and remote working.  For years deemed the "other stuff" NAE team to make these non-traditional recommendations until we had such a large list with huge demand, we made it a category. 
NAE 'CEO Member Focus Month" will include virtual events, cross-organization marketing, multiple program announcements, new partnerships, advanced offerings and a suite of upgraded publications, and networks, including a fully re-tooled flagship Quest4Leadership.  
The National Association of Entrepreneurship is the voice of America's Mid-Market Leaders. Our members represent the driving force of free enterprise. NAE provides essential research, critical content, and unparalleled connectivity. NEA hosts a series of events annually, including the Free Enterprise forum, CEO Briefings Circuit, and the NAE Legislative and Technology Summits. NAE strives to advance the valuable role of free enterprise in the United States.
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