NAE Announces New Shadowing, Mentorship, and Internship Program (Posted July 12, 2019)

NAE announces a new program will help college students learn from and connect with leading CEO's, and industry experts through NAE's incredible shadowing, mentorship, and intern programs, which provide real-life experiences and a pivotal foundation for any aspiring entrepreneur.
“NAE member mentors provide advice and information, and serve as guides for participants”, says Marie Tobin, NAE Member “participants learn real life information and develop a long-term personal resource”.
Shadowing Program
The shadowing program is designed to provide a real-life glimpse of what it takes to run your own business. Participants have the opportunity to spend one to five days with one of our CEO/Primary Members. After your shadowing experience you will be able to reach back to the CEO for advice, guidance, and information.
Mentor Program
The Mentor Program enables participants to contact and connect with CEO/Primary Members who offer assistance in career exploration and planning , and speak with professionals about career-related information such as:

  • CEO duties and responsibilities
  • Business advancement paths
  • Real-life information and experiences
  • Industry developments and opportunities
  • Market strength and conditions
  • Professional associations and groups
  • Recommended advisors
  • Business start-up advice
  • Strategic planning

Internship Program
The primary purposes of NAE internships are to:

  • Provide students an opportunity to work directly with a leading CEO, thus connecting the classroom and the business environment.
  • Allow students to directly experience the business world and solidify their entrepreneurial goals.
  • Test business ownership options.
  • Develop entrepreneurial competencies and information.
  • Discover students’ true desire to own a business.
  • Plan and strategize for the future.

NAE internships can be paid or non-paid, credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing, and with a public or private company.
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