NAE Announces Re-committed Film and TV Support Through NAE Imagine 21 starting in latter 2022 (Posted March 5, 2022)

National Association of Entrepreneurship announce today that it will support efforts for free enterprise film and TV projects in 2022.  NAE has been a major supporter of these types of projects throughout the years. Our new program NAE Imagine 21 will help launch multiple projects.
The continued pandemic shut down several initiatives, and placed countless film and television projects on hold.  We believe that the efforts made in and throughout 2020-21 set the table for a comeback in 2022. Fortunately, unprecedented cooperation in early 2020, and swift work between private enterprise and the administration have created, and set the table for massive vaccinations in 2021. Governors have been executing plans and opening up their States. We are comfortable that 2022 will fully get us back to normal at some point.   
We are working with several organizations to help produce or support free enterprise focused content.  NAE with it's incredible members have the unique opportunity to bring support and content. That's what the NAE Imagine 21 program is all about.  We welcome any and all inquiries to work with free enterprise based projects.  Interested producers or directors should reach out to us at (800) 497-6950 ext. 650
The National Association of Entrepreneurship is the voice of America's Mid-Market Leaders.  NAE provides essential research, critical content, documentary film production and unparalleled connectivity, and hosts a series of events annually, including the Quest 4 Leadership forums, CEO Briefings Series, and the NAE Legislative, FutureGen and Technology Summits.  NAE strives to advance the valuable role of free enterprise in the United States.
Learn why NAE is free enterprise at or (800) 497-6950.

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