NAE Films Announces “Immigrant Entrepreneurs – a Pillar of Free Enterprise” Goes into Production

The National Association of Entrepreneurship announced this week that it will begin production on a new television program entitled "Immigrant Entrepreneurs – a Pillar of Free Enterprise," with distribution scheduled for early 2011. The 30-minute, high-definition program, produced by Emmy-Award-winning Pinpoint Media, is the only documentary film that examines complex immigration issues in the free-enterprise context.

“So many of our members are first generation American Entrepreneurs,” says, Dale Paulson NAE Board Member and Allegiance CEO. “This is what America is all about – from founding to now, this show will inspire us regarding the real spirit of entrepreneurialism.”

NAE believes in entertainment that fosters discussion and education among the nation’s business leaders and the public. Because promoting free enterprise to the world through films is one of our priorities, NAE will debut several documentary-type films and television programs throughout 2011 and beyond.

“I am very excited to see this show come to life,” say’s Richard Herman, Author of Immigrant, Inc. “These compelling stories, as told by NAE, will be an inspiration to anyone in America!”

The National Association of Entrepreneurship is the voice of America's Mid-Market Leaders. Our members represent the driving force of free enterprise. NAE provides essential research, critical content, and unparalleled connectivity. NEA hosts a series of events annually, including the Free Enterprise forum, CEO Briefings Circuit, and the NAE Legislative and Technology Summits. NAE strives to advance the valuable role of free enterprise in the United States.

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