NAE Films Announces Bold Film Initiative - Multiple Topic and Industry Film Programming (Posted February 12, 2019)

The National Association of Entrepreneurship announced this week that it will solidify a production schedule to produce at least a dozen multi-platform film production projects – these consist of full feature length films and multiple size videos that will be made for both digital and broadcast platforms.
NAE is working with multiple production companies and supporting groups to select and execute a very aggressive agenda.  NAE Has over ten years experience in supporting projects of these types.
“NAE membership provides access to a vast  group of varying industry leaders,” says, Dale Pauson NAE Research Committee Member. “Over the last several years I've seen some great projects, but breath and depth of this slate is staggering, its  very excited to see so many talented people coming together to produce the highest quality product.”
NAE believes in entertainment that fosters discussion and education among the nation’s business leaders, multiple generations and the public in general. Because promoting free enterprise to the world through films has been one of our priorities, NAE will continue to debut several documentary-type films digital media productions and television programs throughout 2022 and beyond.
“These stories are captivating, the production people are the best in the industry,” say’s Robert Ellsworth, Managing Member of Hive Revolution Media. “We are attracting some of the best talent on both sides of the camera. NAE's fresh look at Free Enterprise is so exciting!”
NAE will announce the full schedule and associated partner groups late spring of 2019.
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