National Association of Entrepreneurship Announces Unveiling of Enhanced "NAE Meridian Property" programming and 2022 Selections (Posted May 18, 2022)

The National Association of Entrepreneurship announced today next evelution of it's highly successful "Distinguished CEO Meeting Property" program.  The program now have a public face and will change all of its branding and designations to NAE "4 Peaks Meridian Property" as part of "2022 CEO Memeber Focus Month" starting in September 2022. 
From high vibe city centers to pristine mountain retreats, our recommended properties provide the unique backdrop to offer the peak of highly effective, luxury meetings. We call them the "Transformative Meeting Experience" of a Meridian Property.  Our focus is to select only properties our CEO's can rely on to make change.
"As we move beyond COVID-19 the drive for highly effective meetings will soar." says, Matt Hawkes, CEO Focus Committee Chair  "As in the past, business leaders who are looking to achieve a special outcome turned to Distinguished Properties, today they will leave nothing to chance.  They have relied on us in the past. Now with the critical importance of a new post COVID era, we are fielding many requests. So, the timing of the Meridian announcement couldn't be better."
For two decades "Distinguished Properties" have been the only luxury meeting designation driven by leading CEO's and business owners. Leaders across the nations have come to rely on the distinguished selection value of the designation.
The 2022 Meridian "Selections" (site and property designations) will be announce as part of "CEO Member Focus Month" programming. Throughout September , "Member Focus" will provide a series of virtual programs, offerings and announcements, including advanced member platforms and the new "Quest4Leadership" program, NAE's flagship publication.. 
The National Association of Entrepreneurship is the voice of America's Mid-Market Leaders.  NAE provides essential research, critical content, documentary film production and unparalleled connectivity, and hosts a series of events annually, including the Quest 4 Leadership forums, CEO Briefings Series, and the NAE Legislative, FutureGen and Technology Summits.  NAE strives to advance the valuable role of free enterprise in the United States.
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