NFGC Announces Long Range 15 Point First Generation Entrepreneurship (Posted November 18, 2020)

The National Association of Entrepreneurship announced today that it's National First Generation Council will implement a long range plan to empower and recognize first generation entrepreneurship.
“The National First Generation Council has developed a very workable strategy,” says Bill Miller, NAE Member.  “This long range plan will make a huge difference and serve NAE for years to come.”
NFGC will promote First-Generation Entrepreneurship by:
1. Establishing and articulating a clear understanding of the role of first generation entrepreneurs;
2. Providing a national network for developing and maintaining education in and public awareness
of first-generation entrepreneurs’ contributions;
3. Expanding programs recognizing excellence in entrepreneurship through awards, publications,
the annual summit, the web page, and more.
NFGC will provide leadership on issues affecting first-generation entrepreneurs and the public by
1. Developing partnerships and productive relationships with other organizations, business and
professional groups , and communities;
2. Engaging the business community and the public in conversation about the relevance and
essential contributions of first-generation entrepreneurship;
3. Strongly advocating for first-generation entrepreneurs’ interests in that dialog with the public;
4. Supporting entrepreneurial education with a first-generation historical perspective.
NFGC will effectively convey its identity and purpose by:
1. Developing and communicating a consistent program and council identity;
2. Learning more about first-generation entrepreneurs, and what they want from the council;
3. Utilizing publications, media, conferences, and other resources to articulate and widely
disseminate NFGC’s, mission, benefits, and objectives;
4. Providing useful products and services to first-generation entrepreneurs, and useful information to the public.
NFGC will provide an effective structure for interaction among diverse first-generation entrepreneurs by:
1. Cultivating robust representation reflecting the widely varying cultures, backgrounds, and interests of first-generation entrepreneurs;
2. Creating and maintaining a committee and council structure responsive to the group’s needs;
3. Monitoring staff needs regularly and providing support for their work;
4. Fostering direct and regular connectivity
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