NAE University and Student Memberships

“It’s not what you know, it's who you know,” is a widely-accepted business maxim. But at the National Association of Entrepreneurship, it's both! Our university membership forms a wellspring of high-level experience and knowledge, and NAE offers tools for tapping and building it. NAE’s University Members can access the same cutting-edge resources available to our top CEO's and Primary Members; they can find answers to real-life business questions, while preparing for the business challenges ahead.

University Members can also gain strong experience through our comprehensive shadow, mentor, and internship programs, attend NAE conferences, access NEA Research, and connect to the American Free Enterprise system.

Any student enrolled at a NAE Member University may join simply by submitting the application form below. If your University is not currently a NAE member, ask a faculty adviser to submit an initial application. Once a faculty adviser submits an application, any students may follow. NAE encourages students who support and want to expand Free Enterprise, which is why all NAE University and Student memberships are complimentary.

If your University is not currently a NAE member please have a member of the University Faculty submit an application as well.

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