The NAE Research Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NAE, provides independent third-party creation of the NAE Index, and manages comprehensive cutting-edge research projects. The Research Center simultaneously enhances NAE's position as the mid-market's leading provider of timely and relevant information.

The Research Center also studies important social and policy issues such as legislation, global events, and economic trends.

Located in Alexandria, VA, the Research Center provides the following:

  • Free Enterprise Index - The nation's leading indicator of economic growth, wealth creation, and employment, it is published annually at the Free Enterprise Forum.
  • Mid-Market Surveys - Topic-or-event-sensitive snapshots of American business, these surveys are conducted throughout the year based on the ever-changing business climate.
  • NAE White Papers - Address a myriad of topics central to the success of American CEO's. White papers are developed frequently as the life blood of intelligence briefings for our University and Primary members.
  • ConstructionCEO Investment Survey - Partner project with AAII that looks at NAE Members investment trends and changes..
  • NAE's Real-Estate Report - Provides a quarterly look at real-estate markets and issues in the United States. It features the Commercial Overview, Industrial Survey, and Residential Business Outlook.
  • Green Industry Review - An annual snapshot of innovations, progress, and highlights of the green and sustainable movements in the United States.
  • Annual Corporate Travel Survey - An annual report gauging the anticipated depth and breath of travel by America's Mid-Market, as a predictor of expected business travel trends.
  • ShippingGlobal Business Activity Report - An annual report reviewing the anticipated global economic activity in America's Mid-Market. This survey-based report provides a predictive look at import and export activities for the coming year.
  • Employment Success Report - Provides analysis of management-level hiring indicators. This predictive report dissects the hiring methodology and processes of current employment markets.
  • Manufacturing Survey - An annual examination of the state of mid-market manufacturing in the United States.
  • NAE Marketing Trends - A quarterly report detailing the marketing expenditures and placements of the mid-market.
  • NAE Film and Shows - Provides content research for all NAE-produced films and television shows.
  • And much more!

For more information about these programs, please contact NAE Research Center at 800-497-6950 or via e-mail at

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