In addition to our extensive education, connectivity, partnership and outreach programs, The National Association of Entrepreneurship hosts five cornerstone programs annually.


 NAE Legislative Summer Summit-March 21, 2018 - Washington, D.C.
NAE CEO members meet with Political and Congressional Leaders, and Organization CEO's to discuss the national political landscape for the legislative year and the upcoming 2018 elections.


 NAE 250 Showcase Conference-May 24, 2018 - Cleveland, OH
2017-18 NAE 250 Award Winners come together for a one day conference packed with leading edge presenters, networking and presentations.
 NAE First Generation Summit - May 24, 2018 in Cleveland, OH
The NAE First Generation program is held in conjunction with the NAE 250 Awards. This action packed summit includes announcement of the 2017 Class for the “First Generation Entrepreneur Award Winners” with the  National Council meetings.
 NAE FutureGen Summit-June 19, 2018 in Park City, UT
NAE CEO members along with select University members will come together for a one day summit packed with leading edge presentations about the current state of American Free Enterprise and how we can shape it’s future. The FutureGen Awards will be presented to a select group of young entrepreneurs.
NAE - Risk Summit - September 18, 2018 in Dallas, TX
This year's focus is CYBER. NAE members and their staffs are invited for a full day presentation about the importance of cyber risk preparedness.  This summit is presented in partnership with the National Cyber Security Association.  The program will cover the gambit from planning to attacks, looking at risk tolernace, protection, supply chain, vendor positions, insurance, incedent management, software/hardware, public relations, communication and more.

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